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Photo: Luke Gottlieb

Hello! I like to call myself the Robin Hood of style: “Stealing inspiration from the rich to give to the broke”

I am a French-Canadian expat and currently live in Denver, Colorado. I created Stolen to document my style and lifestyle inspiration. I named this diary Stolen for two reasons:

1. I mostly “steal” my inspirations from others. I believe that nothing is truly created from scratch and I am happy to give credit to whomever inspired me.

2. I believe it is possible to have great style and elegance without breaking the bank. It can be difficult to be inspired by bloggers who sport garments that cannot be purchased by the common of mortals. My goal with this blog is to provide realistic style inspiration. While I do splurge a little from time to time, I will not suggest items that are inaccessible.

Feel free to comment on my posts for any questions, inquiries or just to say hi!


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