I’m finally on holiday. I love my life, but I absolutely need some time to escape, disconnect and recharge. I need some time when all there is is love, food, calm and silence. Winter is the perfect season for that, because no other time of the year creates such a quiet, calm environment to relax.

FPsquaw (42 of 62).jpg

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Of course, there is a high-energy, sparkly side to the holidays. But there are no obligations or expectations and you can take your time to reflect on yourself and think about your past in order to shape your future.FPsquaw (44 of 62)

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Being on holiday is similar to being above the clouds: you have a bird’s eye view of everything, but you can also temporarily hide a few things that you want to escape from. Only what’s important stands out.

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If you have time off during the holidays, spend some time with the ones you love, and don’t forget to love yourself. Celebrate love and friendship, and look back on your year and congratulate yourself for what you’ve accomplished.

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What are your plans for the holidays? Are you going to run around and do as much as you can, or do you usually use that time to relax?

All images: Luke Gottlieb, HMUA: Taylor Papp, Style: Amber Wilson. Socks, dress, beanie and jacket borrowed from Free People Denver. Boots: Sorel (Sold out, different colors here). Star-Shaped Sparklers: Free People

2 thoughts on “Cloud

  1. Beautiful sentiments and it’s lovely to know we were in Denver during this shoot !
    Merry Christmas ! Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Mankind !!! xoxo


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