What I like the most about Denver is the fact that we have four seasons, but that winter is still pretty mild. Coming from Canada, I think I would miss snow if I lived in a place that never gets any of it. However, I remember that, when I lived in Quebec, it wouldn’t take me a month to start feeling depressed because of winter. Even practicing a couple of winter sports didn’t alleviate this seasonal mood. In Denver, temperatures rarely remain below freezing longer than a couple of days, and a sunny day doesn’t mean that the temperature will be around -30 (Fahrenheit or Celsius, at this point it doesn’t matter!) There are quite a few days when you can actually eat a meal outside without freezing your hands and soak up the warm sun.


Living in Colorado really changed my perspective on winter. I now look forward to it, and enjoy the fact that I do not have to wear a gigantic down coat every single day for 4 months (or 6, let’s be honest). I can even jump in the bandwagon of the “fuzzy coat” trend without freezing! I know that’s not a big deal, but I’ve also decided to be more positive in 2016. I plan on doing that by finding at least one positive aspect for each event that appears to be negative to me (for example, the fact that we are actually still barely done with the first month of winter and still have two to go). The bright side is that winters here are actually pretty awesome.

_DSC8237copy _DSC8248copy_DSC8257

What do you think of the fuzzy jacket trend? What are your thoughts on winter? Do you like winter or do you get depressed? If so, do you have any goals for 2016 to help you get through this?

All images: Chelsea Chorpenning

Coat: Free People, Hat: Free People, Jeans: Paige Denim, Boots: Wishbone Collection, Necklace: Urban Outfitters (sold out, similar here), Shirt:Β Free People. Branch: Thrifted πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Fuzz

  1. I find Winter invigorating as long as you get a health dose of bright, sunny days interspersed with the grey ones … of course I live in the temperate zone of North Carolina. If we get a couple little snows I am thrilled !!!
    We act like kids here when it does fall which is magical : )


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