Plaid Guilty

I have been browsing around pinterest for a while and I must admit I’m really into the 90’s/grunge revival trend. Maybe it’s because I was just a little too young to try it myself back then, but still admired the teenagers who were so cool with their plaid shirts, chuck taylors and yin yang necklaces.

Some looks are a little too much for me (but this girl still pulls it off):
 (photo found on pinterest)
Going all the way to ripped tights would be way too far from my style and when following a trend, you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a costume… which can happen with edgier styles like grunge. I decided to follow the trend in a softer manner.  There’s something rebellious about grunge so we tried to give a transgression feel to this photoshoot. Enjoy!

Shirt H&M (old), Shoes Converse Browns, Shorts Urban Outfitters (can’t put UO link because not accessible in Quebec), purse H&M, Sunglasses Pangea (in-store, Nashville), Rings + ear cuff UO, Shirt UO. 

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