One of the best things about living in Denver is the possibility to hop in your car and head west for an adventure pretty much any time of the year. In an hour or less, you’re guaranteed to see breathtaking landscapes of all kinds: trees covered in marshmallow-like snow, treacherously beautiful cliffs, snow-capped high peaks, golden trees or cloud-like fog. This is probably one reason why Colorado attracts some of the coolest creative minds of the country. Through my experience with FPME (and my shopping addiction combined to a funny coincidence), I met Amber (Free People) Luke Gottlieb (Photographer) and took part in their last mountain photoshoot. This cozy getup is the first of three outfits that we shot in this enchanting winter wonderland.

FPsquaw (2 of 62)

FPsquaw (1 of 62)

FPsquaw (3 of 62)

FPsquaw (4 of 62)

Tunic: Free People, Jeans: Free People, Boots: Sorel (old), different colors here. Jeans and sweater borrowed from Free People.

FPsquaw (5 of 62)

The truth behind cold weather photoshoots is that yes, it’s really cold. You have to hop back in a heated car once in a while to warm up or to change outfits. You have to be careful when you hold snow in your bare hands because afterwards you can’t really feel them. But as superficial as it may be to some people, I think it is worth it when you look at the final product. And I’ve always been one to enjoy an invigorating run at 10 below. There’s something about it that makes you feel powerful and proud. You get reminded that you’re alive.

Stylist: Amber Wilson, Hair and Make-Up: Taylor Papp, Photography: Luke Gottlieb. Visit Free People Denver’s Instagram to see more photos of the shoot (featuring Amber and Lyndsay).

With winter rolling around, are you currently obsessed with cozy sweaters as much as I am?

3 thoughts on “Cozy

  1. You don’t look to cold at all in that comfy,cozy sweater. Love the location for the shoot and the fact that I was in Denver while you were up high modeling : ) xoxo


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