For some reason I thought for a while that I couldn’t pull off a black jumpsuit (that’s before I looked up “black jumpsuit casual” on Pinterest). I guess in my mind, it could only be dressed up to be very fancy, and I don’t have a lot of very fancy occasions in my life right now. It’s not that I don’t like to dress up, it’s just that I don’t really go to fancy places! I’m dressing it up a little right here just for fun, and I’ll show you how to dress it down in my next post. _DSC4644 copy_DSC4630 copy_DSC4601 copy_DSC4585 copy _DSC4591 copy _DSC4594 copy

The thing is, even though a black jumpsuit sounds dressy to me, it’s actually one of the most comfortable, no-brainer pieces of clothing I own. I’m tall and one-piece getups tend to give me wedgies, but this one has adjustable straps, so it was a match made in heaven. _DSC4622 copy _DSC4636 copy _DSC4676 copy _DSC4693 copy _DSC4708 copy _DSC4713 copy

All images:  Chelsea Chorpenning

Jumpsuit: Madewell, Shoes: Toms, Watch: Kate Spade, Perforated bangle: Madewell, Other bangle: gift from Kenya, long necklace: Madewell, short necklace: Mango, sold out.

Here is one of the pictures that inspired me and showed me that it can be cool and casual. Isn’t she effortlessly cool?


Credit: Berta Bernad

Would you wear a black jumpsuit? Would you dress it up or down?

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