Lately, the weather in Denver has been playing tricks on me. It’s getting warmer and warmer and feels like Spring. I’ve also started going to work earlier and getting done earlier too. Which has contributed to my confusion with the season. I now drive back home when it’s still light, which tricks me into believing we’re back to standard time. Ha! I’ve been enjoying this, although I know I should know better. We’re probably going to get many snow storms and days in the single digits before warm temps settle for good. That being said, nothing is keeping me from wearing light jackets and taking strolls under the warm sun!






I love wearing leggings on weekends and love to switch it up with fun prints. My wardrobe has more and more basic in neutral colors, so it’s easy to pair printed bottoms with black or white tops like in this outfit. I particularly love the coziness of these leggings from Free People. It feels like a cozy sweater, but for your legs. It’s also something I’d see myself wearing later this spring with a tank top and Birkenstocks.









Are you as excited for Spring as I am? What are your thoughts on printed leggings? Would you wear those, or do you think it’s too much?

All images: Chelsea Chorpenning.

Leggings: Free People, Boots: Wishbone Collection, Hat: Anthropologie (sold out, similar here), Jacket: Free People, Sweater: Free People.

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