I love fall. I think it’s my new favorite season. I say new, because it used to be Spring. But I guess that season preferences often depend on where you live. When I lived in Quebec, where everything is snow covered for 5 or 6 months, Spring feels much like a relief. You see people outside everywhere at the first glimpse of sunshine, and the excitement is contagious. But here in Denver, winters are mild and the sun shines most of the days. Spring is still exciting, but fall brings beautiful colors in the mountains and in the city, and the arrival of colder days feel like a relief after 6 months of summer-like temperatures. While it’s almost November and I can still wear sandals, I’ve been enjoying the leaves and the cooler temperatures at night. It’s finally time to wear boots, and they are precisely my favorite fashion accessory. I’ve also enjoyed discovering velvet, which is a perfect fabric for warm fall days: it looks cozy but isn’t too warm.


When you live in Colorado, you have to become an expert a layering, because the temperature differences between day and night, or sun and shade, are huge. I love that I can still catch some warm ways in this cropped cami but still cover up in the shade with this velvet kimono. I’ve also been all about high waisted, vintage-looking jeans like these raw hem Levi’s. I practically live in them!


Is fall your favorite season too? What do you like about fall? And about fall fashion? What are your favorite fall activities?

Kimono: Free People (sold out, similar here), Jeans: Levi’s (Free People), Boots: Free People, Cami: Free People, Sunglasses: Madewell, Choker: Urban Outfitters

All images: Chelsea Chorpenning

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