Because life is so fast-paced, I like to escape by reading books about people who go back to basics and live off the land. Recently, I read The Snow Child, a novel about a middle-aged couple who decides to move to Alaska and farm their land. The story took place in the early 1900’s, when times were rough and women wore long gowns, even while working on the land in the dead of winter. This outfit, styled by Amber Wilson (second outfit of the photoshoot I talked about here), reminds me of the lady in this story. She was tough, yet wore the same classy gowns that she used to wear when she lived in the city to do farm work in the freezing cold. There’s something majestic about wearing a victorian gown in a magical, silent forest. FPsquaw (15 of 62)

FPsquaw (16 of 62)

FPsquaw (17 of 62)

FPsquaw (18 of 62)

FPsquaw (20 of 62)

FPsquaw (21 of 62).jpg

FPsquaw (22 of 62)

Although the early 1900’s were simpler times, I am glad that nowadays, being pretty is far from being only what is expected from women (although it is still expected too much). I loved how in this book, Mabel, the heroin, emancipated herself from the diktats of society and started wearing overalls. Running in the snow with a maxi dress really is as impractical as it seems. However, it does make those images look magical.

FPsquaw (23 of 62)FPsquaw (24 of 62)

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FPsquaw (29 of 62)

All images: Luke Gottlieb, Hair and Makeup: Taylor Papp, Style: Amber Wilson.

The dress, hat, scarf, belt, necklace and socks were borrowed from Free People. Boots: Steve Madden.

4 thoughts on “Softly

  1. The closer we get to Christmas, the more I LOVE this post. You look like the snow princess we have come to know and love. There is something magical in the wood as if every flake of snow could whisper a secret !


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