Doppelganger: Overalls and plaid

Summer in Colorado is way longer than summer in Quebec, where I’m from. However, this does not change anything in the fact that when August rolls in, I get mixed feelings. One one hand, I get nostalgic that summer is almost over, but I’m also looking forward to fall. The first time I see fall clothes in a store, around mid-July, I think “yuck, are you kidding me?” But it does not take two weeks for me to slowly start longing for plaid shirts, cozy sweaters and jeans… even without a slight drop in the temperature outside. This look is a good transitional one, that still says “picnic in the park” while being something you can wear in the fall. IMG_5772 (2)IMG_5781 (2)IMG_5782 (1) IMG_5778 (1) Overalls: Free People, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Shoes: Birkenstock. The plaid shirt is old from Joe Fresh and the T-shirt is from Mango, also sold out.

Like all my “Doppelganger” posts, this one was inspired by several bloggers, one being this photo from A Little Dash of Darling. Isn’t she darling? LittleDashWhen August rolls around, do you instantly feel drawn to richer, cozier fabrics, or do you hold on to your breezy summer dresses until the very end of summer? Do you like overalls and plaid for fall?

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