What is the solution to your problem when you love your clothes so much that you want to wear them all at once? Layers. What’s the best thing to do when you live in Colorado, where the weather can change drastically in five minutes? Layers. I love layering, especially when it includes ponchos, scarves and other shapeless pieces of fabric, because they’re so versatile. This poncho is actually supposed to be a summer poncho, but I didn’t want to stop wearing it just because it was fall. _DSC7122-2 See how I paired it with my leather jacket? This is just one of the many ways a poncho can be layered. If it gets warmer, the leather jacket can be removed without changing the overall outfit much. _DSC7142-2 _DSC7144 _DSC7158 _DSC7161 What I love about this poncho is its versatility. Because it’s so lightweight, it can also be wrapped around the neck as a scarf. It can also serve as a blanket for an impromptu picnic. _DSC7165 _DSC7199 _DSC7171 _DSC7131 _DSC7132-Edit I’ve also been into pairing navy and black together lately. Maybe it’s because I’m turning 30 soon-ish, and I want to use the last 6 months of my twenties to rebel against rules? At least I won’t get arrested for that kind of transgression. _DSC7119-Edit _DSC7122 _DSC7104-2

Would you wear a poncho over a jacket? What do you think about pairing black and navy?_DSC7106

Poncho: Free People (sold out on their site but can be found here), Leather Jacket: Rudsak (sold out, similar here), Jeans: Paige, Boots: Wishbone collection, Hat: Anthropologie (sold out).

All images: Chelsea Chorpenning

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